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Transition to Knox – Focus Group

As part of the Knox school self evaluation Mr Blair (Teacher of  Mathematics) is hoping to look at the transition for parents and pupils P7/S1 and has asked the Parent Council for assistance. We thought one way to get views was to have a small focus group for an hour at Knox on Thursday 13th Nov.   We are hoping for around 10 parents in each group.
There will be two groups
1st Group for parents of children in P7  6.15 to 7.15
2nd Group for parents of children already in S1 7.30 to 8.30
The format of the meeting will be to answer around 5 questions in two groups and then a plenary session for open discussion.
The meeting will take place in the Learning Support room at Knox which is through the main doors, turn left and it is first on the right.
Please contact us (  if you can make it – just so we know how many home made brownies to bring

S1 Parents’ Evening

Several parents have asked why the s1 parents’ evening is held so early on in the year. It seems that, some years ago, the parents requested an early meeting so that they knew who would be teaching their children and how the children were progressing before too much time had passed.

However, some parents are not too happy with this arrangement. The children have not met all their teachers so early on in the year, and there is a wait of about 18 months before the next parents’ evening. They would prefer a meeting in the summer term, when all the teachers have had chance to get to know the children thoroughly.

What are your views? Do you like the current arrangement or would you like it to be changed? Let us know your views and we can present them to the school. You can submit a comment to this article.