About the Parent Council

What is it?

The Parent Council (originally known  as the  Parent School Partnership PSP ) was formed in 2007 following the 2006 Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006
It’s our job to communicate with the parent forum, support the school, Head Teacher and Senior Management Team in following the school’s main aims. We offer critical evaluation assistance e.g review of the school development plan and we assist in the appointment of senior staff and act as parent observers in class practicals which form part of the interview system at Knox.
We are the voice of all parents and we consult with and report to the Parent Forum. We try to do this through our website, facebook, notifications through the main school website , as well as focus groups and information evenings. One of our subgroups, Knox PTA, fundraises for the School.
We not only gather and represent the views of the parents to the Head Teacher, but also the Education authority and HMIE/Education Scotland.
We meet once a month in the Library in normal times, but presently meet via GoogleMeet.
Chair: Lesley Pirie
Vice Chair: Elaine Towler
Clerk: Allison Cosgrove

The Constitution

The Constitution was drawn up by a working group of parents and school staff. It defines what the Council is and how it works.

It went through a number of revisions as a result of consultation with parents, the school and the education authority (East Lothian Council) and was formally adopted at an open meeting of the Parent Forum on 6 June 2007.

The constitution has since been reviewed and the new version was adopted at the Partnership’s AGM in January 2010.  It  can be viewed here.   The previous constitution can be viewed here.

Selection of Members

An election of parent members, who represent the Parent Forum as members of the Council, is held each year at the AGM.


Chair:  Lesley Pirie

Vice Chair: Elaine Towler

Parent Members:

Janet Imrie, Anne Hunter, Alice Hall, Debbie Riley, Fiona Dee, Phil Ross, Sarah Ramsay.