Advanced Higher Choices for 2010/11

Knox Academy have announced that they will be offering the following Advanced Higher course choices for 6th year pupils in August:

  • Art & Design
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computing
  • English
  • French
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Modern Studies
  • RMPS
  • Business Management
  • History

Additionally, there will be an SCQF Level 6 qualification in Drama available.

This is an excellent range of courses and is the best for some years.

School Website Additions

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We have been working hard with the school over the past few months to look at ways of making its website more useful and accessible for both pupils and parents. This will be is covered in some detail in the next edition of Knox News, but we are particularly pleased at the move towards each department having its own section on the site. In time, departments will be able to post a range of curriculum materials on their pages, such as class materials, revision materials, lesson resources Continue reading School Website Additions

Home Economics Cooking

A number of parents have recently contacted us regarding the provision of materials for HE classes at the school. We took their queries to the PSP meeting on the 10th of March and Mrs. Craig informed us that she had already been made aware of the problem. Mrs. Craig assured us that the issue that had affected the availability of materials, for some HE classes, has now been resolved and that pupils should not notice any further disruption.

On behalf of the PSP, I’d like to thank those parents who got in touch with us on this topic and am pleased to report that the school was already on the case.

Knox Cadets Latest

At the meeting of the of the Community Council in February  the KACCF was discussed and it was evident that there was considerable support for the continuance of the KACCF if at all possible. Since that meeting the PSP together with Provost Richardson has met with the school. Mrs. Craig and Provost Richardson have also been in communication with members of the Ministry of Defence.

At our regular meeting of the PSP on the 10th March it was agreed that the Mrs. Craig would canvas volunteers from the teachers at the school who might be interested to assist in the running of the KCCF at some level. The PSP would also canvas support from the parent body. Following that a member of the PSP has volunteered to collate the responses and investigate the various possibilities that exist to develop sustainable future.

Knox Cadets Update

The PSP is very aware of the strength of feeling about the reported closure off the Knox CCF (Combined Cadet Force) and have presented the views received via our blog and by other means to the school. The topic was discussed at length at the PSP meeting of the 4th Feb which was attended both by Mrs. Craig and Provost Richardson. As a result of the meeting, the Parent Members were happy to support the position of the head on the following points:

1) The PSP parent members support the head teacher in enforcing East Lothian Education department’s policy of no firearms (live or disabled) on school premises.

2) The PSP parent members believe that it is entirely reasonable for the head teacher to decline the role of Commander in Chief of the CCF.

This said, the PSP is still keen to see the continuance of the CCF at Knox if this is at all possible. To this end we are, along with others, intending to investigate whether some compromise can be found with the MOD that will enable the force to continue, subject to the above caveats.

PSP Election Outcome

By the close of nominations at the start of term, we had received one nomination for the vacant post on the Parent School Partnership.  Under the rules, this means that no election is required and the nominee, Vicky Cole, is duly appointed!

Vicky is an experienced secondary school teacher with a child in first year at Knox.  She is enthusiastically looking forward to contributing to the work of the PSP.

Congratulations Vicky!

Annual General Meeting – 21st of January 2010

The Knox Academy Parent School Partnership will hold its AGM on Thursday the 21st of January in the school hall starting at 6-30pm.  Please come along if you can.  A report on the activities of the Partnership over the last year will be presented; the results of the membership election will be announced; and there will be an opportunity for parents to raise any matters.

We hope to see you there.

The PSP.

Knox Cadets: PSP Next Steps

Early in the New Year the Knox Parent School Partnership (PSP) is hoping to arrange a meeting with the school to discuss the issue of the Knox Combined Cadet Force (CCF).  We welcome comments from parents and interested parties on this issue which will be used to inform our discussions with the school.  Comments can be submitted to this post.  Comments already submitted can be read on our previous post on this subject.

The minutes of the meeting will be posted on this web site as soon as they become available.    The Knox Academy PSP meet on a regular basis and copies of all minutes can be viewed at the following address

The last PSP meeting was held in Knox Academy on Wednesday 2 December 2009, the next meeting is scheduled for February 3rd,  2010.

The topic of the disbandment or otherwise of the Knox Academy CCF was not raised at the December meeting so news of the cessation of this activity has come with some surprise.

The PSP.

3rd of February Update:Thanks to all who submitted comments on this topic, which were very informative.  We have now closed this post to further comments.

Election Reminder

This is a reminder about the Parent School Partnership election which will take place in a few weeks.  We need nominations for candidates and as many parent and carer votes as possible.

To download a document which explains the arrangements for the election, click here.  A nomination form can be downloaded by clicking here.

The PSP.