Law Primary PTA

As well as the Formative Assessment display boards in the small dining room, the PTA will also be asking a few quick questions about the future of the PTA. Please take a few moments to consider this on Parents’ Evenings this week.

Because of the very low turn out at the AGM on Monday 1st October(only 2 parents attended), it now seems that the long standing PTA will fold. With your help, we can prevent this from happening!

The main function of the PTA as opposed to the School Board and the new School Council has been to

  • Fundraise in a variety of forms
  • Enhance the school community by organising supporting events

The school has hugely benefited in the past from resources such as library books, playground equipment and furniture (still more to come!), visiting theatre groups and Health Week event.

No PTA means no bid for grants which fund health and sport etc.

Can you please consider;

  • Do you think there should be a PTA in Law Primary?
  • If yes, are you prepared to become active in the PTA?

There will be the chance to answer these questions every night during the parents’ evenings so please feel free to ask the PTA members on duty if you have any queries about what being an active member involves.

Can we just take this opportunity to thank the former members of the PTA for their tireless efforts for the last few years. Due to the low numbers in the PTA they took a lot of the activities and fundraising on themselves and did a fantastic job. We hope that this can continue with new members. The more members who are active, the less work each person has to do!!

We look forward to speaking to you this week.