The Heat is On!

Sports Day……Phew!
Electricity show by Ginger from Powerwise……..BZZZZZZZZZZ!
Enterprise Projects…….Yaaaaaay!
Another week of working together and learning from each other.
Sports afternoon on Tuesday showed what great competitors are in P3 and how well we support each other. We caught a glimpse of some super fast Mums and Dads too!
Ginger and Sparky from Powerwise put on a great show teaching us about electricity safety. We enjoyed learning from them.
……..and if the calendar is right, then it is only 2 weeks to the end of term which means the Enterprise Projects are really heating up. The film is rolling for P3a, the plants are growing for P3b and the art work is creativley coming together for P3c.
P3’s are showing how effective it is when we work together.

One thought on “The Heat is On!”

  1. Hi i’m rebecca and i’m moving to north berwick and i could be starting P7 at the start of the year or i might go back to longniddry first but i will come here soon and i heard that it is a great school. i only have two friends at longniddry so i will probably have more friends when i move see you after the summer.

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