Getting in the Christmas spirit in P3b…..

Well, on Monday all the P1’s, P2’s and P3’s were treated to a BRILLIANT pantomime performance of Goldilocks. It was so funny and we all got so involved in the story we nearly screamed the school walls down!
In class we’ve been making some Christmas crafts too. We made our own advent calendar using our origami skills. By carefully folding our squares of paper we each made an advent basket for each day leading up to Christmas Day.
We also have each made our own 3D Christmas trees with snow sprinkled on the ends of the branches. Christmas is definitely on its way!

16 thoughts on “Getting in the Christmas spirit in P3b…..”

  1. We are going to sing at Abbey Nursing Home and we are singing to our parents at a special Assembly.

  2. We are singing for Abbey Nursing home and our Parents and we are having a Christmas party on the 21st.

  3. We are practising singing christmas songs because soon we are going to be singing to the abbey nursing home.

  4. You sound like you’re all getting into the festive spirit, Primary 3! I am too! The Christmas tree is up, the wreath is on the door and I’ve even managed to wrap presents for all the family! Hopefully I will get to see all your Christmas crafts when I come onto school. See you all soon!

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