Fair trade fortnight

Law Primary has registered to become a fair trade school and a shop has been set up selling fair trade goods. Over the next month all year stages will have an opportunity to shop there and it will be run by primary 6. This is just one of the initiatives planned for the future.

Durign the next fortnight the whole school are engaged in learning all about fair trade over the next few weeks and also doing a multicultural focus which will come to a crescendo near the end of term when we have a Malawi Day.

There are all sorts of activities going on around the school and you can read about them on our different blogs. Please click the links below if you wish to know more about these issues.

fairtrade  marys-meals-backpacks2


One thought on “Fair trade fortnight”

  1. The fair traid fortnight was good because I liked the assemblies and the bananas that we got to eat and we got to see happy malawi kids dancing to songs and when they where at school.They also made toys out of mud . Thanks to scotland they are happy because schools are raising money for them.

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