The Wanderers Return!

The bus left Loch Inch slightly ahead of schedule at 1.15pm and should be back at school at 4.30pm, traffic permitting. Stand by for tired children and lots of washing!

13 thoughts on “The Wanderers Return!”

  1. Delighted to have my wee lass home safe having had a fantastic time! Many many thanks for taking them and looking after them all so well.

  2. Thank you to all the staff for all your hard work making the Loch Insh trip such a wonderful experience for our children. So glad to have our boy home.

  3. Many thanks to all the staff for making this such a fabulous trip. It’s lovely to have them home. Liz Noar

  4. Cant wait to see my wee girl and hear all the stories, thanks for everything, Cassie

  5. Glad to know the’re on their way home. They’ll be tired teddies tonight. A big thank you to all the Law Staff for the great time they’ve had.

  6. Thanks for letting us know. Washing machine and shower gel on standby!

    A big thank you to all staff and helpers – sounds like a fantastic time was had by all- can’t wait to hear all the stories!


  7. Great. Thanks for keeping us informed. Been watching for an update. Washing machine at the ready. Peace and tranquility soon to be shattered! Sounds like they have all had a fab time!!

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