100 Fiction Books Challenge

We have launched a new reading challenge which encourages all our children to read 100 fiction books before they leave primary school. In practice we hope that they will read many more, but the Times Educational Supplement has compiled a list of 100 ‘must reads’ and we are using this list as a basis for our challenge. You can download a copy of the list below and we have warned the library in North Berwick that there might be increased demand for some of these titles—especially over the half term period.
The challenge is suitable for all ages and Nursery plan to adapt it for use in their setting with many of the books being read to the children before they can actually read them for themselves.
The challenge is split into levels and children can apply for recognition once they have read 10 books on the list. There are 10 levels and a certificate is awarded in assembly for each level achieved. We hope that this will encourage reading for enjoyment and that you will continue to support reading at home. Each time a book is finished the child needs a signature from either a teacher or parent/carer on their application form100 books list

4 thoughts on “100 Fiction Books Challenge”

  1. All the information was on the front page of the October newsletter.
    The list of books is attached to this blog post and the children can choose any 10 for level 1, another 10 for level 2 and so on. it is not prescribed which books have to be read at each level – the choice is theirs.

  2. Hi there, I think this is a fantastic idea and look forward to working through the list with my kids. Haven’t seen anything about this though other than this post? Is the onus on the children to get the lists of 10 from thier teacher or will there be any guidance coming home in the reading packets? Thanks

  3. The idea is that they will have read them all by the time they leave primary school, so it is a long term challenge. The idea is that the children read them for themselves. Start with the easy ones and pick those off first. Teachers have an application form for a certificate which can be used as a record of what you have read. Once 10 have been reached the children have a certificate presented in assembly and it goes up on the wall of fame outside the library. Once the wall of fame is full we will take down the oldest certificates and send home.

  4. Hi, Love the reading challenge idea and the children are talking about it but not sure how it works…the downloaded list is just a spreadsheet and does not show the different levels and most of the books are too difficult for my P2s to read. Does reading them to the children count or does this list and challenge go on throughout all of primary school ie the next five years? Thanks for any clarification!

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