Bobble Hat Heroes

Our Charity Committee consists of pupils from P5-7 and they have been hard at work seeking out 5 charities for which our school community will raise funds this session. More details on that to follow. 

Bobble Hat Heroes

One of the charities chosen by the pupils was the NSPCC.  On Friday 4th December, we will be donning our bobble hats in support of their funds for Childline.

There will be a competition in each class with prizes for the silliest one and the best homemade one so let’s get creating!

We’d love the grownups to get involved too.

  • You could ask someone to knit you your own unique design
  • Convince whoever takes you to school to wear their own bobble or winter hat too
  • Take a ‘groupie’ of you all wearing your hats before you leave the house in the morning or even in the playground (please ensure no child or children other than your own are in the photographs without explicit permission from their parent or guardian)
  • Send your ‘groupies’ to the NSPCC Facebook page with the hashtag #bobblehatheroes
  • Send them to our Twitter page @lawps with the #bobblehatheroes hashtag
  • Get your photograph taken with a local hero and tell us why you chose them.
  • Get the community involved by speaking to friends and family about it.

And most importantly of all…

  • Donate £1 to the cause by bringing it to school on the morning of Friday 4th December and HAVE FUN!

It’s as easy as that! We can’t wait to see North Berwick getting involved.