15 thoughts on “P7 are at Lagganlia!”

  1. Morning,
    Hope everyone got lots of sleep! Have a great day today. Sun is shining here and hopefully with you too. The house is very quiet without you Alex!

    Have a great time. Love mum, dad and G.

  2. Hi Eryn, have a great time, the house is sooo quiet without you singing and dancing around ?, p.s. grandad made it through his operation, love and miss you xxxx

  3. So glad you all arrived safety!!
    Trevor is missing you Eve, he’s been pacing the floor looking for you. ??
    Have a wonderful time guys!!!!
    Enjoy every second. ???

  4. Glad you arrived safely.?
    Hope you have a fantastic week & look forward to hearing about your adventures when you get back.
    We miss you Daniel but are enjoying the peace and quiet! Xxx

  5. Good to hear you all arrived safe & sound (and clean!). Hope you all have a super week (including teachers!), and look forward to hearing tales of your adventures on Friday. Hi Thomas! Love, Mum & Dad xx

  6. Have a brilliant week everyone. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

  7. Glad you all arrived safe and no one was sick, the house is really quiet without you Eryn, enjoy your 4 nights away remember to take lots of photos love mum and dad xx

  8. Glad you all arrived safe and sound. I hope the teachers are behaving themselves, and that everyone has a great time

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