School Meals

School lunches

The new winter menu starts on Monday 31st October 2016 and we are also beginning a new system of ordering lunches in an attempt to reduce the waste from the kitchen and ensure that children receive the meal of their choice.  The system involves the use of coloured wristbands and has been used successfully in other schools.

At registration in the morning children will indicate whether they are having a main meal (blue band), the vegetarian option (green band) or a baked potato (yellow band).  These colours correspond with the colour coding printed on the menu.  Please take time to discuss with your child what they might like so that they are in a position to make a decision as soon as they arrive at school.  They will then be issued with a band of an appropriate colour and the kitchen will cook sufficient quantities of each meal to ensure that no one is disappointed.  Children must not change bands with anyone else as they will be given the meal which corresponds with their colour.

We will be telling the children about these changes in school but it would be helpful if you could reinforce the message at home too.  Any feedback on the new system will be welcomed.

Thank you for your co-operation.