P7 Arrive at Lagganlia

Our P7s attending this year’s residential trip have made it safely to Lagganlia. They arrived at 1pm and have already started their activities for the week. Have fun P7!

17 thoughts on “P7 Arrive at Lagganlia”

  1. I was told I would see up dates on a web page but they didn’t tell me what web page I though they be a photo or something im missing my girls like mad can’t wait for the morn to come .

  2. Hope everyone is having a great time. Miss you Iqra darling esp at dinner table where you dont give anyone else a chance to speak?

  3. hope everyone have a great time I will see chantelle and sky on Friday love mum x and family x

  4. Enjoy yourself Freya! Will look forward to hearing all about your trip…well most of it!! Hugs Mama and Poppa

  5. Hey you lot have an amazing time. Enjoy your first night and STOP GIGGLING AND GO TO SLEEP KATIE CAMPBELL X

  6. Have a great time everyone, looking forward to seeing some pictures

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