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Mrs Jack’s Baby

Today Mrs Jack came to visit us in assembly and after assembly in the classroom.  She came with baby Ronan, he was very cute.  We wanted to hold him, he is very precious, Mrs Jack let us touch him.  We gave Mrs Jack a card we had made, it had teddies on it

Gold Medal Garden

Our entry into RHS Pallet Garden Competition this year has been awarded a Gold Medal and came first in the school garden competition. A huge thank you has to go to the North Berwick in Bloom committee members who gave us a lot of help and support and well done to Vikki, Ciaran, Alyssa and Ewan from P5 who helped to build the garden at Ingliston. The garden will be on display outside the Abbey Church in North Berwick after the Garden Scotland weekend has finished.

Law Gardening Club

garden club poster Aug 2010

Law Gardening Club is preparing to start for the new term. The club was started by parents and we need your continued support to enable the club to keep going. This term p4 will be building a mini beast hotel, we will be harvesting produce planted last term and starting to plant more flowers and vegetables. If you would be able to help please read the attached flyer and get in touch.

P1s are transported into the world of light!

The P1s were transported into the magical world of light last week during a visit by Generation Science. They entered the ‘dome’ and learnt about white light and rainbow light, sources of light and the sun and the stars. They saw a disco light that turned around, a mirror ball that reflected the light and played with a torch and shadows. Wow! What a fantastic experience!!



P2/3 are learning about recycling and the 3 R’s
The children interviewed each other and asked the question:-
“Why is recycling important?”
Here are some of the children’s ideas.
” It’s good to recycle because it is saving energy.”
” Because if you recycle it helps the world”
” You can recycle old clothes to other countries where people need them”.
” Because the Earth is very precious”
” To protect the planet”
” To help stop pollution. Litter left around can hurt wild animals.”
” So that rubbish tips don’t get any bigger.”

Guess, Check and Improve

ps-picPrimary 3 have been learning about problem solving in maths. Set 1 have been working individually, in pairs and in small groups to solve number and shape problems. At the beginning of the first lesson we all discussed ways to work out the answers to our problems. We realised that sometimes there is no set way to solve the problem and sometimes we had to make an educated guess! After making a guess, we checked our solution to see if it worked and then we made any necessary changes to improve our solution. After working on some number problems we looked at tangrams. This was really fun and we are now using a set of seven shapes to make pictures to use on our maths display in our classroom. Watch this space for some pictures!

Getting in the Christmas spirit in P3b…..

Well, on Monday all the P1’s, P2’s and P3’s were treated to a BRILLIANT pantomime performance of Goldilocks. It was so funny and we all got so involved in the story we nearly screamed the school walls down!
In class we’ve been making some Christmas crafts too. We made our own advent calendar using our origami skills. By carefully folding our squares of paper we each made an advent basket for each day leading up to Christmas Day.
We also have each made our own 3D Christmas trees with snow sprinkled on the ends of the branches. Christmas is definitely on its way!

The Heat is On!

Sports Day……Phew!
Electricity show by Ginger from Powerwise……..BZZZZZZZZZZ!
Enterprise Projects…….Yaaaaaay!
Another week of working together and learning from each other.
Sports afternoon on Tuesday showed what great competitors are in P3 and how well we support each other. We caught a glimpse of some super fast Mums and Dads too!
Ginger and Sparky from Powerwise put on a great show teaching us about electricity safety. We enjoyed learning from them.
……..and if the calendar is right, then it is only 2 weeks to the end of term which means the Enterprise Projects are really heating up. The film is rolling for P3a, the plants are growing for P3b and the art work is creativley coming together for P3c.
P3’s are showing how effective it is when we work together.

How the P3's have involved themselves in Multicultural Week.

This week (1st – 5th June) is Multicultural Week and it is being celebrated throughout Law Primary School. The P3’s have been dancing, writing and singing their way through different cultures. It has been fantastic fun appreciating how other people live and enjoy their lives. Global Rhythms taught us dances from India, USA, Spain and Scotland. We boogied, hopped and jumped to the beats! Fairytale stories were given the Multicultural treatment too as we looked at African legends and re-wrote them. The P3’s would love to carry on with what they have learned about others in our world and continue the celebrations.