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Earth Hour

Earth hour
Law Primary is supporting the WWF’s Earth Hour, this Saturday (29 March) at 8:30pm. It is a global event that focuses attention on our planet and the need to protect it. Millions of people will be switching off their lights for one hour to show that they care about our planet and, if it is possible, the Eco Committee would like to encourage you to do the same.
Everyone will receive a slip to be signed, if your house manages to take part. Any class who has 10 successful participants will receive a class certificate.

Book Sale – Friday 29th November

Many thanks to all the pupils who have donated books for our Book Sale, P6A have been working really hard this week collecting them all and we are looking forward to selling as many as we can on Friday. Classes will have the opportunity to visit the sale on the day, book will cost from 20p to £1 so please remember to bring some change on Friday if you would like to buy a book or two.

P6 Euro quiz finalists

On Monday 13th May four of our P6’s, Emily, Saskia, Joseph and Neil, went to the Scottish Parliament to represent East Lothian at the Scottish Euro Quiz Finals. Upon arrival the Law team had a tour of the parliament, had lunch in the conference room and then the quiz began in the main debating chamber.
There were three rounds; the first an individual, a group language round and then a pairs round. Iain Gray, our local MSP, supported our team throughout the competition. After all three rounds the finalists were announced. Congratulations to Craddlehall for their victory,they beat St Leonards in the final buzzer round. All afternoon in North Berwick we were watching and on the live webscast in our classrooms; shouting our support at the screen.
There was a final photo in the lobby like a real photoshoot. The team felt it was a great experience. Emily’s favourite part was the tour and learning the Scottish inspiration behind the parliament building. Everyone felt that debating chamber felt smaller than it looks on TV.
We were all so proud of our team and all of the work that they put in to prepare for the event. Huge congratulations.

The Spring Clean continues…..

Following on from our successful Spring Clean, both inside and outside the school, the Eco committee would like to encourage us all to continue the campaign. This time we are setting you the challenge to litter pick……at home. Have a go! Is there anyway that you can help to tidy up a part of your house? Who do you think is the worst offender? Can you find evidence? Tell us about your experience, leave us a comment.

Term 1 Eco update

Our Eco committee would like to show you events that have been happening within our school and we want to introduce our new committee project.

Since the start of term we have been focusing on three Eco areas within the school; Litter, Food and the Environment and Sustaining our World. Below is a slideshow showing recent events. The Fairtrade committee have been working hard within the area of `Sustaining our World’. In addition to the Fairtrade shop, which is staffed by pupils and that travels through the classes. We also have a Fairtrade tuckshop which is running on a Thursday break time. It has been run by the P7s and has been a great success.
Has your class done anything to support these three areas?

2012 Eco work in Term 1 on PhotoPeach

This year the Law Primary Eco committee will be focusing upon the finding out our school Global Footprint. A `global footprint’ is a measurement of the amount of land/sea that is needed to support our school. What area is needed to provide us with the resources that we use on a regular basis and how much will be needed to absorb the waste that Law Primary produces as a school. We will be focusing upon measuring the the following areas and we will try and reduce our impact upon the world.

If you are interested in viewing a video which demonstrates how other schools have achieved their aim of reducing their `global footprint’.

Watch our noticeboard for the latest information.

Law Primary’s second Green flag

In June 2012 Law Primary school was awarded our Second Green flag. We were assessed upon our School Grounds, Biodiversity studies and Litter. The inspectors were particularly impressed by the way that the values of Eco school were very much a part of our curriculum at every year stage. Let’s keep up the good work. Well done to the Eco Committee, you are a hard act to follow.

Eco work at Law on PhotoPeach