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P2/3 are learning about recycling and the 3 R’s
The children interviewed each other and asked the question:-
“Why is recycling important?”
Here are some of the children’s ideas.
” It’s good to recycle because it is saving energy.”
” Because if you recycle it helps the world”
” You can recycle old clothes to other countries where people need them”.
” Because the Earth is very precious”
” To protect the planet”
” To help stop pollution. Litter left around can hurt wild animals.”
” So that rubbish tips don’t get any bigger.”

On Monday 15th March. P4 will be building shelters. Please remember to wear warm and waterproof clothing. It will be cold (and may be wet).

 We will take pictures so remember to check the website and see us in action!

World Book Day 2010


It is a very important day today as it is World Book Day and we have all been thinking about how important it is to be able to read and getting involved in lots of different reading activities.

We all got a £1.00  book token to spend on a new book.

At 10.30am many classes switched on to watch Michael Rosen live in their classroom, joining 80,000 other children doing exactly the same thing.

dscf3271 dscf3272 dscf3269

Here are some book links to read online:

horrid20henry20and20the20scary20sitter  kaspar350w candy

Fair trade fortnight

Law Primary has registered to become a fair trade school and a shop has been set up selling fair trade goods. Over the next month all year stages will have an opportunity to shop there and it will be run by primary 6. This is just one of the initiatives planned for the future.

Durign the next fortnight the whole school are engaged in learning all about fair trade over the next few weeks and also doing a multicultural focus which will come to a crescendo near the end of term when we have a Malawi Day.

There are all sorts of activities going on around the school and you can read about them on our different blogs. Please click the links below if you wish to know more about these issues.

fairtrade  marys-meals-backpacks2


Junior Road Safety Officer

Hi we are Flora and Ciara your Junior Road Safety Officers for this year. You hopefully will remember us from when we spoke at your Assembly. We are here to help you understand the importance of being safe on the roads. We have a notice board in the middle area. Please have a look at it as you go past. We hope to run a competition in your area soon.
One of our jobs is to moniter the use of the turning circle. It is only supposed to be used for dropping off and picking up at Breakfast Club and Afterschool Club. We would like to ask PC Black to help us do a survey. We hope to make it a safer place.

Ciara & Flora

Easter bonnets

Primary Threes have been designing and making Easter bonnets.
We had to make our own designs. All our hats are different, and we are very pleased with the results. Take a look at our hats in the photos!
Primary threes and the staff team wish you all a very Happy Easter!