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It’s not magic, it’s Science!

This phrase was heard a lot this week while the P1 staff and pupils investigated the different aspects of science. Children were placed in mixed social groupings from across the P1 classes and every afternoon rotated around different investigations. a week of science, a week of learning, a week of fun!


Flight & Surface Tension

AcidsSorting Forces    Acids   & Sorting Forces


Cogs and FrictionWind TurbinesInvestigating forces
Cogs                                       Wind Turbines             Investigating Forces

DSCN0073Chemical RecationsProffessor Conlins Laboratory

Chemical Recations in Proffessor Conlins Laboratory

DSCN0067Hot air currents

Hot air currents


More than gloop.  Solids to liquids and liquids to solidsChanging States
More than gloop…..Solids to liquids and liquids to solids


Floating and Sinking Water Surface Tension
Floating and Sinking Water & Surface Tension

New Playground Path

Since Ali and Kam from Planet Play have painted our trial yellow brick road in the P1 playground nobody has been just running across.  There has however been spontaneous skipping and singing heard from pupils right across the school body.  All our pupils love it, can’t wait to see the real thing!

Follow the yellow brick road....
Follow the yellow brick road….


P2a made ghosts

Dawn Adam joined p2a this afternoon for Hallowe’en art. We all got our feet out and printed ghosts.  We ended up with a mixture of friendly and scary ghosts ready for Hallowe’en.  Everyone had great fun.


Help Needed : P1 Playground Project

A small group of parents are getting together next week, 7th-10th October 2013, 1.15-3pm to spruce up the P1 playground.  We need a few more helpers.

This is phase 1 of our playground project: tidying up what we already have.  We need people to sand and re-paint the current picnic tables, benches, boat and other wood structures.  We will also need people to help our pupils weed, prune and tidy the trees, flowers and veg patches.

Please get in touch if you can offer a few hours help.

…hope it is as sunny as this when our benches are painted!


Science Thank You

A big thank you to all our parent/community helpers this week who have given up their time to help with our science experiments.  A special mention to Bill Innes and Fiona Johnston who prepared science talks and experiments for our pupils to engage with.    Thanks to the staff who have went beyond the call of duty to ensure their pupils had engaging, challenging and fun science in their classrooms, there has been such a sense of discovery and wonder this week.