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Celebrating Success… Wider Achievements

Euan auditioned and was accepted for a place on the Scottish Ballet’s Associates Programme. The programme offers young people to opportunity to appreciate the training being undertaken by professional dancers. Well done!

Marielle successfully ran the Edinburgh 1.5k Marathon on Saturday with a time of 12 minutes 35 seconds. Well done!



North Berwick Survey Homework

First we had to interview 3 residents about North Berwick. Then we tallied all our results as a class. After we tallied everything we changed it into bar graphs for another homework task. Then in class, we made a bar graph on the computer with Datasweet. Then we made a pie chart.

Michael W p5b

Water Fun

In P4 we have been finding out all about Water. The experiments we did in the classroom were great fun and not always what we expected. This week we were going to find out what materials dissolve in water and how to make it a fair test. Perhaps at home you could design your own experiment for dissolving and we could share this information at school next week.
Have fun and remember to check with an adult before starting this experiment.

Minibeast Hotel

It has been a very exciting time in the Sensory Garden at Law Primary School. With the help of the Gardening Club, P4a and P4b have been creating a Minibeast Hotel, a safe and warm place for the bugs to hibernate over the winter.

The Minibeast Hotel under construction.Some of the materials we used to build the Minibeast Hotel.