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Lifeboat Theatre Show

All the primary 6 classes had a brilliant visit from Catherine Wheels Theatre Company. Each class also had a drama workshop the week before the show.The show told the true story about two girls from Liverpool and London who were evacuated from Britain to Canada and lost (and then found) their brother Louis along the way when the ship they were on was torpedoed by a German U boat during the Second World War. They had an amazing adventure!!


 Lifeboat production

P7A gets Experimental

P7a took part in various science activities this afternoon.

1. Making a bouncy ball: they had to discover the best ratio of ingredients to create a bouncy ball.  The bouncy balls and process were great, the mess wasn’t!

2. K’Nex Challenge: They had to design a swing for a toy doll

3. Paper Aeroplane Challenge: 4 different types of aeroplanes to make, which design was the best?

4. Biology: Fiona brought in a microscope with slides, x-rays and pictures and prepared a heart rate experiment.



Veterinary Science

Fiona Johnston, a parent from the school came to talk to the P7’s today about how she uses science in her job as a vet.  It was interesting to hear about the science and technologies used in Fiona’s role.  We had lots of questions about the job and what Fiona had to do to be  a vet.



Science Thank You

A big thank you to all our parent/community helpers this week who have given up their time to help with our science experiments.  A special mention to Bill Innes and Fiona Johnston who prepared science talks and experiments for our pupils to engage with.    Thanks to the staff who have went beyond the call of duty to ensure their pupils had engaging, challenging and fun science in their classrooms, there has been such a sense of discovery and wonder this week.

Science Week- Monday

Wow, what a start to science week at Law Primary.  This morning Iain Gray (MSP) held 2 science workshops for the P4 & P5 pupils.  He talked about waves and in particular how microwaves were discovered by accident.

P7a had the pleasure of experimenting with computer programming courtesy of ComputerXplorers  Each pupil had the opportunity to create an cartoon animation.  ComputerXplorers will be offering after school club sessions after the Easter holidays (details to follow)

The Primary 1 area was buzzing with science!  Children creating chemical changes which resulted in honeycomb candy(which tasted delicious) to density and air experiments.  Photos to follow.  It was amazing to see how even the youngest in our school were engaged with science.


Science Week

18th -22nd March 2013

The theme this year is “Invention & Discoveries”.  It is a theme that gives us an opportunity to celebrate the “everyman” scientist and inventor and highlight the science and engineering behind the nation’s favourite gadgets and goods. Here at Law we are looking forward to taking part in year stage carousels, quizzes, national competitions, themed assemblies, workshops held by parents and Iain Gray MSP and a chance to be involved in a special science showcase.

The children are asked to engage with science in the home and bring back to school something they have discovered, invented, researched or made. Letters have been sent out this week.   Ideas to get you started can be found below, paper versions are on the science noticeboard near the P4/5 door.

Pupils are also asked to bring in a topical news item with a science theme.

Science and engineering and its application is central to our economic future, and to our health and wellbeing as individuals and as a society. At Law we plan to help our pupils develop curiosity and understanding science and develop a lifelong interest in the sciences.  We aim to make science week fun!

Science Ideas 1    Science Ideas 2

Comic Relief

This year Law have sold 4 large boxes of Red Noses to raise money for Comic relief.  We have decided to have a dress down day on Friday 15th March 2013.  Pupils can come dressed in PJ’s as a way of the school saying thank you for your fundraising efforts so far.  The teachers theme is “Bad Hair”.  Pupils will be leading playground aerobics, we expect to have some fun!

Comic Relief Clip Here


Parent Evenings!

As all of you P7’s know, we have parents evenings next week. Everyone is welcome to come including you because the teachers want to talk to you face to face. Please ask your parents to bring you along for it!

by Maia Berney