North Berwick Facts

Here are some interesting facts about North Berwick..

The town of North Berwick lies within the North Berwick Coastal Ward.  The ward boundary is very similar to that of the North Berwick High School catchment area in that it includes surrounding villages of Gullane, Direlton, Aberlady, Drem and Whitekirk.  The latest population estimate for this ward is approximately 12,200.  This figure has been slowly rising over the last 10 years. There are 3 people that we current elect in the North Berwick Coastal Ward to make decisions on our behalf within East Lothian – they are called Councillors and their names are on a separate web site run by East Lothian Council here.

The population of North Berwick itself has nearer 6500 people (or 2,800 households).  The age range of people living in North Berwick is roughly to similar to Scotland as a whole with, for example, 20 per cent of the population being under 16 years of age.  However there are some key differences.  The number of elderly people living on their own in the town is almost double the national average.  Likewise the number of people living in what is called ‘multi-occupancy accommodation’ (like nursing homes) is also almost double the national average.  This makes the average age of people living in the town significantly older than the Scottish average.

It is estimated that 4% of houses in the North Berwick area that are ‘second homes’ often let out to people so they can come here on holiday.

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