Junior Road Safety Officer

Hi we are Flora and Ciara your Junior Road Safety Officers for this year. You hopefully will remember us from when we spoke at your Assembly. We are here to help you understand the importance of being safe on the roads. We have a notice board in the middle area. Please have a look at it as you go past. We hope to run a competition in your area soon.
One of our jobs is to moniter the use of the turning circle. It is only supposed to be used for dropping off and picking up at Breakfast Club and Afterschool Club. We would like to ask PC Black to help us do a survey. We hope to make it a safer place.

Ciara & Flora

Parent Evenings!

As all of you P7’s know, we have parents evenings next week. Everyone is welcome to come including you because the teachers want to talk to you face to face. Please ask your parents to bring you along for it!

by Maia Berney

The Heat is On!

Sports Day……Phew!
Electricity show by Ginger from Powerwise……..BZZZZZZZZZZ!
Enterprise Projects…….Yaaaaaay!
Another week of working together and learning from each other.
Sports afternoon on Tuesday showed what great competitors are in P3 and how well we support each other. We caught a glimpse of some super fast Mums and Dads too!
Ginger and Sparky from Powerwise put on a great show teaching us about electricity safety. We enjoyed learning from them.
……..and if the calendar is right, then it is only 2 weeks to the end of term which means the Enterprise Projects are really heating up. The film is rolling for P3a, the plants are growing for P3b and the art work is creativley coming together for P3c.
P3’s are showing how effective it is when we work together.

How the P3's have involved themselves in Multicultural Week.

This week (1st – 5th June) is Multicultural Week and it is being celebrated throughout Law Primary School. The P3’s have been dancing, writing and singing their way through different cultures. It has been fantastic fun appreciating how other people live and enjoy their lives. Global Rhythms taught us dances from India, USA, Spain and Scotland. We boogied, hopped and jumped to the beats! Fairytale stories were given the Multicultural treatment too as we looked at African legends and re-wrote them. The P3’s would love to carry on with what they have learned about others in our world and continue the celebrations.

Easter bonnets

Primary Threes have been designing and making Easter bonnets.
We had to make our own designs. All our hats are different, and we are very pleased with the results. Take a look at our hats in the photos!
Primary threes and the staff team wish you all a very Happy Easter!


Green Flag Unveiled

This morning Law Primary unveiled its Green Flag, which signifies the school’s commitment to improving the environment through its recycling and sustainability work. The efforts of the Eco committee and Miss Beaton secured the award and we were very lucky that Miss Beaton (& Isla) were both available for the hoisting of the flag.
Today also marked the planting of 41 trees in the Middle Area playground and creation of a new plantation. We were very lucky to be joined by Struan Dalgleish who was the Law Primary student who planted the first tree of our old plantation. He was joined by the youngest girl and boy pupil as they planted the first tree of the Middle Area plantation; an eight year old oak tree. The Eco Committee will be responsible for maintaining the other 40 trees.
Below are some photographs marking today’s events: