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Welcome to the Parents’ Zone. We hope to keep you updated, informed and involved through this section of the site. We hope you find it useful.  Your feedback is welcomed.

Law Primary PTA

Law Primary Parent Teacher Association Law Primary PTA Website  aims to strengthen links between parents and the school; and provide additional equipment and activities to enhance the experience and enjoyment of all children attending Law Primary.  Activities the PTA organises and supports include school discos and other social events, supporting Project Play and initiatives like the school gardening club. We also arrange for additional support at school-run events like parents’ nights and the Christmas nativity and carol concerts. Funds raised by the PTA are used to provide things for the children that would cannot be funded by the school.

Law Primary Parent Council

The Law Primary Parent Council (formerly called the Law School Council) has its own separate Parent Council web site where parents and guardians can exchange views about any issues related to the school.  The Parent Council is intended to act as the voice of parents to those managing the school.  If you’re a parent it’s a great opportunity to become more closely involved in the school and the education of your children!  The school and the local authority have a legal duty to listen to what the Parent Council says and give it a proper response.  The council meets every few weeks in the school  (see dates on the Parent Council site) to discuss school matters with a view to parental involvement.  Attendees include members of the Parent Council, members of staff at the school, the headteacher and usually one or more local councillors. All parents are welcome to attend and contribute to these meetings.

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