Law Primary PTA

Law Primary Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Law Primary Parent Teacher Association (PTA) aims to strengthen links between parents and the school and provide additional equipment and activities to enhance the experience of all children attending Law Primary.  We are also interested in fostering links with other community organisations in North Berwick and other PTAs in the area.  The PTA is run by a Committee  which consists mainly of parents and teachers, all of whom volunteer to give their time to achieving the PTA’s aims.

Activities the PTA organises and supports include school discos, ceilidhs, a summer fair and other social events.  We also support initiatives like the school gardening club, and the Planet Play project (P1 playground).    We also arrange for additional support at school-run events like parents’ nights and the Christmas nativity and carol concerts.  Funds raised by the PTA are used to provide things for the children that would not be funded by the school, such as equipment (including playground equipment and its maintenance) and support for many projects.

While the Committee does the planning and organisation, we rely on parent volunteers to support our work.  For the most part, this means helping at events, but we’d also like your ideas on fundraising, events and ways we can use our funds.  What can you do that would interest the children or teach them an exciting new skill?  To get involved, just add your name to the volunteer list, or come along to our PTA committee meetings.  We love seeing new faces!   Let us know what skills you have – from juggling to administration, music to carpentry, art to engineering.  We’d love to hear from you!

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