Volunteer Helpers

Volunteer Helpers – THANK YOU!


All the staff at Law Primary wish to thank all the parents who help with the multitude of events, school trips and activities over the session. Without you, these activities simply would not happen.

Your tireless effort and enthusiasm for the school activities do not go unnoticed. Sometimes however, because of a shortage of parents or some last minute cancellations (which, we understand, cannot be helped), some activities at the school have had to be postponed or occasionally cancelled. We rely on the same parents time after time and we feel it is time to give them a wee break!

If you think you’d be available to help with trips, events, activities or even as a classroom parent helper then please contact  the School Office to add your name to the list of parent helpers and let us know when you are available. Even if you are only available for a one-off event, your help would be very much appreciated.