P6 Homework Pack

Below you will find links to electronic copies of the P6 homework pack. The packs are substantial and intended to allow P6s to choose the topic areas that they feel require further consolidation. 

If you require a physical copy, please specify which topics.

March 2020

Home Learning Grid March 2020

September 2019

Home Learning Grid Aug – Oct 2019





January 2019

January – March 2019 Home Learning Grid


Please scroll through the attachment to find the relevant chapter.

Fractions Chap 11

Percentages  Chap 12

Length and Area Chaps 13a and 13b

Decimals 1 Chap 5

Decimals 2 Chap 7

Angles Chap 6

Co-ordinates Chap 14

September 2018

Maths Chapter 1 – Place Value/Adding and Subtracting Whole

Numbers Mentally up to 4 digits/Rounding an Estimating

Maths Chapter 2 – Lines of Symmetry/Creating Symmetrical Shapes

Maths Chapter 9 – Naming 2 Dimensional Shapes/Describing Triangles/Naming Parts of a Circle


Spelling Activiites

Mrs Laurie-Pile’s Spelling Group Words