The Committee
Our Eco Committee at Law Primary is made up of 23 members from our P4 – P7 classes who are supported by Miss Brodie and Miss Dalgleish.  Each member is voted into the position by their classmates and it is their responsibility to attend our monthly meetings and to report back to their classmates.Law Primary received its first Green Flag award in 2008.  Since then we have been committed to incorporating the key Eco School areas within our curriculum to ensure that every pupil has an awareness of the main environmental issues and we all feel a shared responsibility for our own school and local community.



Our Eco Code
We will try to…
REDUCE electricity, the amount we use
REUSE water bottles, again and again
RECYCLE paper, as much as we can


Eco Committee projects
This year the Eco committee has focused upon two main projects; the collection and recycling of old mobile phones to be donated to a charitable cause.  We have also been working with Mobex, a group of community volunteers to help us with the creation of a Forest Garden that we can use for our own lessons within the school.  The garden now contains examples of edible, aromatic and `useful’ plants.  A recently we also planted a tree in our Forest Garden to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.


Waste and Energy
At Law Primary we all work very hard to ensure that we reduce the amount of waste we produce  and the amount of energy  that we use.  Every classroom has a recycling bag in which we collect any paper that cannot be used as scrap paper.  In our playgrounds we have bins in every playground  to collect our waste. Within each classroom we try to make sure that our lights, computers and white boards are all turned off at the end of each day.  Our pupil councillors also conducted a waste survey and then worked with the canteen staff to try to ensure reduce the amount of wasted food produced.  On a weekly basis we have a litter-picking rota so that we can make sure that our school playgrounds are tidy, clean and well-looked after.


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