Enterprise in Education

Determined to Succeed is the Scottish Executives’s strategy for Enterprise in Education.  It aims to help Scotland’s young people develop self-confidence,  self-reliance and ambition to achieve their goals – in work and in life.

This strategy is designed to foster a more positive attitude in our young people towards life in general and work in particular.  It aims to encourage enterprising values and a can-do attitude.

Pupils have greater self-confidence,  determination and creativity thanks to enterprise in education.  It involves empowering young people to give them more control over how they learn.  Since they all learn differently,  this allows them to adopt the best way for them.

Enterprise in Education is about partnerships. The success of this strategy depends on the support of the business sector,  local community, environmental organisations and parents.  Involvement can provide a real context for learning within the curriculum. If you are able to volunteer some time please contact the school.

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