Law Primary School Home Learning Pilot August to October 2017

Information for Parents/Carers

Homework can be an emotive subject. Some parents love it and want more and others hate it, seeing it as a source of stress and angst within the family. Homework has been extensively researched and as with many subjects, it is possible to find statistics and articles to support both sides of the argument. John Hattie argues that ‘homework in primary schools has an effect of zero’ whilst others claim that homework improves study habits, attitudes towards school and academic attainment.

What are we going to do?

For a trial period we want to make home learning (or homework) optional. Year stages will be given a grid of suggested activities which can be completed at home. The focus of these will be on life skills rather than learning linked to the curriculum. One grid will cover the period from August to the September holiday (block 1) and a further grid for the period leading up to the October break (block 2).

A completed grid, initialled once an activity has been done, can be returned to the teacher, although this is optional. This will give us some indication of the uptake of the home learning.

This pilot has the support of the Parent Council and we will be undertaking a joint review of the pilot once it is complete.

Home Survey Results – The Parent Council meeting on 15th January 2018 was devoted to the Home Learning Pilot and a presentation was given by the Parent Council and School on the results of the survey and the proposed way forward.  The slides are here if you were unable to attend the meeting.

Home Survey Results

Potential benefits

  • Families have more flexibility as to when activities are completed leading to less stress and pressure over the issue of homework.
  •  By undertaking the activities as a family children’s screen time will be reduced.
  •  Children will have the opportunity to develop useful life skills.
  •  Children will have greater opportunities to play, to be outside and to pursue other activities leading to wider achievement.
  •  Teachers will not spend time on a daily basis chasing up lost or forgotten homework. This will reduce the amount of ‘administration’ time within the class and free up time for teaching.
  •  Teachers will not spend time correcting homework. This will have a positive impact on teacher workload and they will be able to concentrate on preparing high quality learning experiences.

The importance of reading

During this pilot we are very keen that you should still encourage and enjoy reading with and to your child. Unfortunately due to our building works we do not currently have access to our school library, although there are smaller class libraries in each classroom. During this period we would encourage you to use the local library and make use of their excellent facilities.

P2 – 4 Skills Grid

P2 – 4 Skills Grid 2

P5 – 7 Skills Grid

P5 – 7 Skills Grid 2

Home Learning Reading Activities

Second Level Numeracy and Maths:

TeeJay Maths Homework Book 1B Chapters 1 – 4

TeeJay Maths Homework Book 1B Chapters 5 – 10

TeeJay Maths Homework Book 1B Chapters 11-15

TeeJay Maths Homework Book 1B Chapter 16

TeeJay Maths Homework Book 2A

TeeJay Maths Homework Book 2B

Homework Packs

Primary 3

Primary 4

Primary 5

Primary 6

Primary 7