School Improvement Plans & Standards and Quality Report

How Good is Our School (HGIOS) 4th edition is the framework we use to evaluate our practice. Self-evaluation is an ongoing process and we are continually reflecting on and evaluating our work, using the evidence from this to plan future improvement. Each year we produce a School Improvement plan for the coming session and reflect on the development work which has taken place over the previous session. You can read the relevant documents here:

Standards and Quality Report

Law Primary School Improvement Plan 2018-2019

North Berwick Nursery School Improvement Plan

There is a clear link between effective self-evaluation and school improvement and we use the three questions:
• How are we doing?
• How do we know?
• What are we going to do now?
This approach requires us to look inwards to analyse our work, look outwards to find out more about what is working well for others locally and nationally and look forwards to gauge what continuous improvement might look like in the longer term.