Neil Oliver!


Some of P5B met Neil Oliver today at the Scottish Seabird Centre! Some of you may recognise him from the television shows ‘Coast’ and ‘History of Scotland’. He is an archaeologist, historian, author and broadcaster. Click on his photo for more information.

The children were at the Centre exhibiting the pop-up books they designed and made for their Conservation of the Coast project. He was spotted coming off a boat and coming into the Centre and, before you knew it, there he was chatting to the children. They were all very excited to meet him and he managed to stay with them for almost 20 minutes discussing their books. We are all so jealous but well done!

6 thoughts on “Neil Oliver!

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  2. I couldn’t belive it when Neil Oliver walked threw the doors, it was amazing!!!!!

  3. It was so exciting when he walked in the door! He talked to us for about 20 minutes!

  4. I really enjoyed meeting Neil. He found our exhibition by accident but really liked all of our work and books.

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