Rab’s Japanese Adventure

Last week, P5D said ‘Bon Voyage’ to Rab and his family as they set off on their extended trip to Japan. He has left with a lot of questions to answer for the class and we are hoping he will keep in touch via our blog. The class will update the blog each week with our activities at Law.

1 thought on “Rab’s Japanese Adventure

  1. I got a two hour plane from Edinburgh to Amsterdam and then another 10 hour long flight to Narita airport in Tokyo.The next day we got a plane from Hanida (also an airport in Tokyo) to Hokkaido (the island at the top of Japan).We then got a train to the city of Sapporo to see the ice festival. It was incredible!!!! As in, some were 40 ft high, others had so much detail it seemed real & the rest just looked impossible.We also went to this place called Snow World where there was sledging and snow golf and all that sort of thing.It was great fun, but there was more to come. We then went to Noboribetsu to see the steaming sulphur vents of Hell’s Valley, or the Devil’s Belly. There were vents, because it’s a volcanic area, but I wasn’t thinking about that cause it smelt horrible.Like rotten eggs,and it didn’t help that we were walking right next to the yellow streams with sulphur rising from them.But after was the best because me & my dad bathed in 38 & 41 degree pools (except without the sulphur). There were also 42 and 43 degree pools but they were too hot. We went to Hakodate the next day (yet another city in Hokkaido).The first international port in Japan was here in Hakodate.when we got there we went to get a cable car up the mountain.I was eating this pancake thingy up there and got too close to a very big crow(and let me tell you Japanese crows are very large, very brave & very scary) and this one was generally petrifying, it must have been really hungry because the next thing it did was swoop over and, landing on my shoulder, take my pancake from my hand with it’s beak and fly off again.that night we went down to the harbour to see a firework display,FANTASTIC!!!! that’s what it was. It lit up the night sky, It was almost as if the sun was five metres away.It was amazing.
    We got a bullet train back to tokyo. Not THE bullet train but A bullet train.there is more than one, there are loads. It’s just that we know the fastest as the bullet train.Recently I’ve been to some parks that are rather large.The first one I went to was made for Emperor Majii I think. There was lots of gates and a place to worship him. The second park we went to had a big tropical greenhouse and loads of green space. And the last park had a play area, a tiny version of the Niagara falls & a shinto temple (shinto is the original religion of Japan).
    On friday the 17th I went to ueno zoo for the day and there were all sorts of animals,there were amphibians,reptiles,birds and mammals.Personally my favourite animal was the maned wolves or the macaques.The zoo is split into two sections by a road so when we went from the first bit to the second we went on the monorail but on the way back we just walked over a bridge.

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