In P5C we have been thinking of ways to spread the word about fair trade. We have decided to make a play about fair trade to tell people about how hard it can be for farmers and how important it is for the farmers to get a fair wage. We are also doing a radio show on East Coast FM about fair trade. You can tune into our show this Thursday, 6-7pm, at We are trying to encourage people to buy fair trade products to help the farmers who are not currently benefiting from fair trade. Fairtrade products often cost more but you’re making a big difference to their families and communities.
Taylor and Wil P5C

Spectacular Scots’ Afternoon

What is it?Scots’ Afternoon is yearly event where primary four and five learn Scottish songs, recite Scottish poems and play musical instruments.

What did we do?
A few weeks ago we began to learn some Scottish songs like Scotland the Brave, Bonnie Wee Jeanie McColl and Auld Lang Syne. Every single person in P4 and P5 chose a poem to learn off by heart with added actions. Every class had auditions to find the four most expressive pupil recitals in their class to perform at Scots’ Afternoon. Some people also auditioned to entertain us by playing musical instruments or by dancing. Different classes invited guests and judges to the event. Everyone in the middle area worked really hard at the rehearsals.

What did we enjoy?
In P5b we really enjoyed inviting lots of important people and guests and performing for them. We also enjoyed going out and performing to the Chest, Heart and Stroke group in North Berwick Community Centre. We were really pleased to get to perform to our mums and dads in school too. Some of us enjoyed dressing in Scottish tartan outfits.

What did we learn?We learned lots of Scottish songs, a Scottish poem, more Scottish vocabulary and to speak in front of an audience with more confidence.

by Primary 5B and Mrs Lima

Law Primary East Coast Fm Special Scottish Show

Wednesday 6th February 6pm – 7pm
Join Law P.S. East Coast Fm club for a very special Scottish show. We will be singing Scottish songs and reciting Scottish Poetry. Why not take part in our competition? Great prizes to be won.
Mrs Macniven and Sandyridge Junior School in North Carolina, America will be listening in. Make sure you do too.
Listen and watch us on the webcam at

Funky maths measurements!

What is it?
In p5 we are doing a measuring circuit where we move to different classrooms to learn about different types of measuring.
What are we doing?
We move round p5 classrooms and learn about measuring weight/mass, length and volume. With Mrs Lima we learned about weight. There were three activities one of them was sand weighing, another was supermarket mayhem and other weighing problems and the final one was using the computers to practise measuring games.
Just now we are at Miss Thomson’s and using string to measure with and next we are going to Mrs Antonelli to learn about volume.

What did we enjoy?
We enjoyed the sand weighing because there was so much sand!
What did we learn?
We learnt how to weigh up to and more than 1000g, use decimals for kg and convert Kg and grams just to KG.

P5, why not leave us a comment to tell us about what you’ve been learning in your measurement workshops.

by Sophie and Rosie 5B

Law Goes Loopy!

Loopyness strikes Law as pupils learn cursive handwriting.
Cursive handwriting is about loops and joins and every letter joins up even b, p, q, g and y!
We enjoyed learning about a new type of writing because it is helping us to join better.
We learned about a new style of writing that makes our writing much, much, much neater than before.

by Jamie F and Fraser 5B


What is it?
P5 are learning how to write the opening of a news article.
We are learning to put together a newspaper.
What did we do?
We looked at some newspapers and played a game on the white board to give us some ideas.
We are going to write a news article about the story that John Muir told about the little brave dog called Stickeen.
What did we enjoy?
We enjoyed writing the big bold headline.
We enjoyed playing the game on the white boards to give us ideas.
What did we learn?
We have learned to put together a news article and how to put everything in the right order. We know how to write a headline and strap, we know to use the 5W’s (who, what, when, where, why) in the opening paragraph and we know that every picture needs a caption.

Primary 5, why not leave a comment and let us know what you wrote for your Stickeen headline?
By Amy, Rebecca and Isla 5B

T.G.S. is Awesome!

What is it?
It is a club led by Mrs Antonelli and Mrs Lima that is about the bible and it has exciting games.
What do we do?
You play games and work out answers to questions.
What did you learn?
You learn about a lot of stuff about God and the Bible. This term we have been learning about how God made each of individual and special.
What did you enjoy?
I enjoyed the games and the puzzles.

by Simon (5A Weblog Rep)


What is it?
We did Ready Steady bike and it is something you will do in p5. You bring in your bike into school and get to learn how to ride your bike properly.

What did we do?
We learned how to brake properly, how to use your pedals well and how to control and put down your bike.

What did we enjoy?
Personally I liked the exercise when we all went round in a circle on our bikes and the teacher would shout out STOP and we would have to stop. If we stopped at the wrong time we lost a life.

What did we learn?
We learnt how to ride our bikes properly and learnt how to use the brakes at exact timing. When you are learning how to ride your bike properly it is one of the first steps you take.

Carrie (5C Weblog Rep)