Rab’s Japanese Adventure

Last week, P5D said ‘Bon Voyage’ to Rab and his family as they set off on their extended trip to Japan. He has left with a lot of questions to answer for the class and we are hoping he will keep in touch via our blog. The class will update the blog each week with our activities at Law.

Rock Climbing on The Law

Today we went to The Law to do some climbing. The men who helped us were called Ed and Martin .We all went at different times and went in different groups. It was quite hard but we all tried our hardest and all of us enjoyed it!! When we were climbing we used a crash helmet and a harness for safety. We began the session with a safety talk where we were taught how to hold the ropes. Our group was lucky because the rocks had dried by the time we got there, however the morning groups found it quite slippery. We had a really good time and would love to go back!

Ethan and Gabe, P5A

May Fair

The May fair was last Saturday. It was a fundraising event to collect donations for the school. There was lots of stalls for example books, nail painting, hair braiding, face painting, a bouncy castle, a blow-up slide, tombola, guess how many sweets in the jar, raffle, pop-corn (as well as tasty treats), kids toys and LOTS more.

The May fair was held at the school. It was on from 11:00am until 4:00pm. Our personal favourite stalls were the home baking (very tasty!) and the hair braiding.

Sophie and Zoe P5A

Bowling Club

We go to a club that the school organises with the North Berwick Bowling Club. There are children from P5,6 and 7.

The members of the school’s bowling team are: Susan, Elizabeth, Jamie T, Simon, Ewan, Andrew, Lexi , Ellie, Poppy, Thomas, Micheal, Jamie F

Bowling Club is a club that we go to straight after school on a Thursday. It begins at half past three in the afternoon and it ends at half past four. After the spring break we play outside but in the winter we play inside at the Sport’s Centre, North Berwick.

We sometimes have competitions for fun and sometimes we even get medals. We play in groups, usually boys play with boys and girls play with girls.

Susan, Jennifer and Elizabeth P5A



Queen’s Baton Relay

Next week, when the Queen’s Baton is in New Zealand, P5A will receive the Law Primary Commonwealth Games Baton. Your homework task is to find out at least 6 interesting facts about New Zealand and share them with the class by posting on the blog.

You might find out about the population of New Zealand, the climate or even famous landmarks.

Please complete this task by Monday 25th November.


Food waste

P5a have been learning about food waste, we really enjoyed this topic. We think it is really important to look after the environment, so we would like to share the following information with you.

Please do not waste food because:

Food that goes to landfills decomposes underground and produces methane, which damages the o-zone layer.

It means you aren’t just wasting food you are also wasting water and lots more important resources.

Did you know…..

All the food we waste in Scotland each year weighs the same as 10 forth road bridges.

On average each house in Scotland throws away £430 of food waste a year.

Ways we can reduce food waste:

Buy longer lasting food

Recycle unwanted food

Give to pets if suitable

Put in compost

Give to food bank

Give to friends/family

We designed comic strips on food waste to make people think about resources which are wasted when we throw away food. Let us know what you think.

By Jack Hamilton P5a

Ponies on the law

On the 24th October ponies were put on North Berwick Law. They are Exmore ponies and they’re only 12 hands high, which is a lot smaller than a horse. They are between 3-6 years old, there are seven of them and they’re all boys. You might think that when you go up the Law you need carrots or apple’s to feed them but actually you shouldn’t hand feed them at all.

If you do feed them they could get used to being fed because they’re wild, but they won’t bite your hand off. The other reason you shouldn’t feed them at all is because they won’t do their job. Their job is to eat all the long grasses, and even some gorse, because it is all becoming out of control. A few people have made a medical pen for the ponies and a pond for drinking out of, but don’t drink it yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

Our class are involved in the introduction of the ponies. We went on a guided tour of the Law with Sam, the local ranger, to see the problems for ourselves. We have also had a talk from Ms Rodgers from the Moorland Mousie Trust about the ponies coming to the Law and we pulled Ragwort, a plant that is poisonous for the ponies. Here are some pictures of us at work.

By Iona, P5A

Ahoy lets set sail for nature!!!=)

On Wednesday 22nd of May Primary 5 set sail for nature and went to visit the John Muir museum and the over 100 year old herring fishing boat, The Reaper.  We found out about what fishermen used to wear, where they kept their fish and we found out about where they slept and that the entrances to the beds were small so they wouldn’t fall out when the boat moved. We also found out that there would be a boy on the boat. The boy would do the cooking, keep the stove going, make the tea and the beds. As well as all this he would learn how to be a fisherman. It was thought to be bad luck to go on a boat for girls and women so they would stay on land and gut and pack the fish. Reaper

John Muir birth place museum was right next to the house he lived in. We got pieces of paper and wrote down facts that we found. We found them on timelines, computers, information boards and films. John Muir had a big family: he had two brothers, five sisters and a mum and dad!! At the age of 10 the went to America, he was 10 when he got on the boat but he was 11 when he came off (he John Muir had his birthday on the boat).

Law reading challenge

Law Reading Challenge!

The Law Reading Challenge is when you read a book and get it signed by a Parent and by a Teacher.  

There is a picture of the Law,

You have to read six books to get to the top of the Law.   

These are the stations up the Law; the Whiskey Bottle, Maiden Pink, the

Round Houses, Napoleonic Look out, World War look out and the Whale Bone.

You have to read six books to complete the challenge and reach the Whale Bone.

The class that has the most people on the Whale Bone wins.