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Money Games Links

  Lots of games here

 check out challenge

 money match

 space money

 coin machine game


Fraction Games Links

 Fraction lesson

What is a fraction

         Fraction Flags

 Name the Fraction


  Name the Fraction

           Pizza Party


 Shading Fractions



Select Number

Fractions 1 – easy

 What are fractions?

Falling Numbers




Subtraction Links


  Speed subtraction


 Rags to Riches

 Maths World

choose subtraction




38 thoughts on “Games Zone

  1. I like the p5 blog because its interesting and challenging.
    I also like the times tables zone on the p5 blog.

    Morven Fox p5a Miss Boyd

  2. I played digit workout it helped me in my maths mostley on the highest level. It is also really fun.

  3. I played lots of narley games practicing multiplication, division and coordinates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i played monster on a mission and bargain hut. bargain hunt was hard but i did it .

  5. I played lots of games and i liked the car game one because it is hard (you have to answer the sums as fast as you can).

  6. I played Billy Bug and his Quest for Grub and I got 26 point’s before my sister disturbed me.And I played the doubling game.and this all in 20 minutes.

  7. Billy Bug and his Quest for Grub and I got 26 point’s before my sister disturbed me.And I played the doubling game.and this all in 20 minutes.

  8. I really like the tractor multiplication game set 2 shouled try it.
    some are hared but they are all possible.

  9. I realy enjoied playing doodle dots because it was was realy funy

  10. I really liked the games some of them are hard at first but then you get the hang of it

  11. I went on Rags to Riches and scored 1,0000000. It is just like Who wants to be a millionare but with maths

  12. I played lots of games my favourite game was super maths world i went on to coins and got lots of maths power!!!

  13. I did one game Rags to riches. My score was 1,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am doing some multiplication/ maths on my nintendo.

  14. I like to play rags to riches and eggtastic drop. Both games are brilliant!

    The maths games zones are a good way to spice up maths home work and make it more fun! The games zone on the P5 blog is small, but good.I found more games on the main games zone.I like this type of homework it’s alot better than sheets!

  15. I think it’s a good idea to have maths games on the internet because It makes your maths better.I like check out chalange and all the rest!

  16. V.G games I enjoied a lot of them. I like computer games as they are much funner than sheets.

  17. I think that the maths games are making me better at maths.My favourite game is checkout challenge.

  18. these games are making my maths better and I’m geting so better!
    My favourite game is the chekout challenge!

  19. I found these games very helpfull for my mathematical abilities.
    I played on Coin Machine Game and Checkout Challeng.
    I completed 2 levels of Checkout Challenge and I did 2levels of Coin Machine game.

  20. I think the maths games are educational and fun there helpful because if you do not understand your homework you could go onto the games.

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