John Muir Award

Here’s where you can listen to our John Muir Award podcasts – and more!

2012 Surround Sound Project with Gordon Turnbull

click here to listen to the sounds created by 5B

click here to listen to the sounds created by 5A


2010/2011 Law Stories Project   LawStories2011.mp3


 2011/2012 Law Trails Project 

Please click on the link to download the trail map to guide you on your travels.  John Muir Trail Map weblog

Primary 5B

Law Trail 1 – Introduction to the Law Law Trails 1 – Introduction to the Law

Law Trail 2 – Life in the Iron Age Law Trails 2 – Life on the Hill Fort

 Law Trail 3 – Battles and Enemies  Law Trails 3 – Battles and Enemies

 Law Trail 4 – Iron Age Life  Iron Age Life

Law Trail 5 – The Summit Law Trails 5 The Summit

Law Trail 6 – John Muir Award Law Trails John Muir Award

Primary 5A Recordings

P5a Podcast 1        P5a Podcast 2               P5a Podcast 3

P5a Podcast 4       P5a Podcast 5                P5a Podcast 6

4 thoughts on “John Muir Award

  1. i had lots of fun learning about jonh muir. it was mostly acting out i enjoyed but evrything else was intresting to.

  2. i really enjoyed learning about john muir, i learned so much about him and his family.

  3. I really enjoyed doing the podcasts, I especially liked making the information leaflets for tourists.

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