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During health week we have been using our creative skills and coming up with lots of new ideas for games to play. Why don`t you try some of these out and let us know what you think?

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  1. My one is a Christmas one can you guess what it is
    Santas helper
    Crazy cruncher
    Magic flyer
    Sleigh rider
    Elf lover
    Reindeer leader
    Santa chaser

    I have got another on try and guess again
    Tree decorator
    Tag writer
    Present wrapper
    Merry workers
    Tinsel treater
    Santas helper
    Rudolph lover
    Present stacker

  2. have you read my coment?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. I think tha in the p4/5 play ground sould have a path up to any thing on the grass for oif the grass is out of bounds you sould do it for any other playgornd you need to.

  4. Dear law Saskia Loudon 5b here, last year before the holidays we did a John Muir wordle, we are working towards our John Muir award, soon we are going to John Muirs birth place! It will be so fun your sincerely Sas.

  5. once on april fools day I swaped all my baby brothers books for adult books early in the morning. but then I thought he would be anoyed so I swaped them back again.

  6. It was great fun. We saw the clothes the men wear and we were told that it takes 6 minutes to get dressed.

    1.Any number of people can play.
    2.There are five challenges.
    3.The last person to completethe challenge is eliminated.
    4.Repeat the challenges until 1 person is left.
    5.The last person is the WINNER!!!!!!!!

    The challenges are –
    five press-ups five sit-ups
    five star-jumps five knee to chest jumps
    five burpees

  8. base bump

    1.Get a big area.
    2.Have two teams either with 3 players 1 on 2 or with 4 players 2 on 2.
    3. One person has to run to the base, one person chases and the other player on the team has to hide and chase, with 4 players 2 people run and one of them has to make it.

  9. Zombie Tig
    1.Someone is it so he or she starts chasing every body
    2.If you get tug the zombie puts you in its den
    3. Once you get put into den you have to do 5 push ups.
    4.If someone taps you on the shoulder you have to do 5 star jumps and then your free
    5.the zombie changes when he or shehas got 5 people then one of the people has to be the zombie
    p.s at any time the zombie can call zombie time then everybody
    has to do what the zombie says

  10. 1.Divide the people into 3 groups of 5 or 6.
    2.Choose one person to be the guesser in the middle.
    3.The guesser closes thier eyes and the groups run around.
    4.When the leader says stop they go back to their groups and the leader chooses 1 or 2 people to change groups .
    5.The guesser opens thier eyes and guesses who has changed groups.


    Someone starts off and throw’s a stone, everyone takes turns to throw. Who ever throws it furthest is the winner.

  12. Alien chase

    1. One player will be a human.

    2.Two will be aliens and the last will be a robot.
    3.The human can run and the alien can only wiggle.
    4.The robot can only do the robot dance.
    5.If the alien team caches the human they win.

  13. Fruit Corners

    You will need:
    .4 pictures of different fruit
    .1 bag
    .4 small cards that have the
    same pictures of fruit as the
    big pictures.
    .Lots of skipping ropes.

    How to play:
    1.Put the 4 big pictures in 4 corners(1 in each)
    2.Put the small cards in a bag.
    3.Everybody get a skipping rope.
    4.Someone shouts GO!!When they shout go start skipping.
    5.When they shout stop everyone goes to a corner of their choice.
    6.The person will pick out 1 of the pictures in the bag and everybody at that corner is out.

  14. Jimmy Jumps

    1.First get in a circle
    2.Second choose a person to be it
    3.Then the person whos it say something like Jimmy Jumps side to side
    4.After its Jimmy Jogs so they would make a face and jog
    5.Next you choose a new leader
    6.Finally you do it again and again but the player has to do something different or there out.

    1 First you must stand in a circle.
    2 Second you must get in to groups of two.
    3 Third the people at the front must run to the end of the playground and collect a bean bag and run back.
    4 Fourth carry on until all the bean bags are gone.
    5 Finally the first group that sits down wins!!!

  16. North Berwick Corners
    1.This game is played either in the playground or a hall.
    2.Each corner is given a name like Bass,Law,Fidra and Craig.
    3.The whole class can play this game. One person is a caller.
    4.The whole class goes in the middle exept from the caller who shuts their eyes, everyone else goes to a corner and the caller shouts one out at random.
    Who evers in that corner is out and you carry on until you are all out.

  17. Hop Scotch the weasel

    1.first you stand with your left leg at the back and your right leg crossed over your left leg
    2.Then you jump out and keep swapping the leg in front while singing a song
    3.hop scocth the weasel hop scocth to chicken pots chicken pots out goes you.
    4.If you land with your legs apart you have to do 20 star jumps and then you have to run on the spot for a minute

  18. sport wheel
    one person stands and spins the wheel . The others have to do the excercise which the point lands on. the person best at each exercise wins and stays in the game. Minimum players 16 people.


  19. Down Down Run Around……..

    1.Every one gets in a circle of 10 people and throw the ball to anyone, once you have thrown the ball, you must run round clockwise.

    2.If you drop the ball every one must say “down down on one knee” and if they drop. It again everyone must say “down down on two knee”, if you drop it a third time everyone says “down down on one elbow” forth time “down on two elbows”. Now they are on all knees all elbows and they are out.

    3.The last person standing is the winer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. TIG FOUR

    1.One person is ‘it’.
    2.Everyone else runs around and tries not to get tugged.
    3.First time you get tugged you have to put one hand behind your back.
    4.Second time you get tugged you have to put your other arm behind your back.
    5.The third time you get tugged you have to start hopping
    6.The fourth time you get tugged you have to lie down and you are out
    7. The winner is the last one to lie down and he/she becomes ‘it’.

  21. Stick the Stick

    1.Get some open space.
    2.Put one person in the middle and up to 10 people on the out side.
    3.The idea of the game is to get the stick round the circle with out the catcher seeing it.

  22. Swap Team
    1.Find an open area
    2.Divede into 2 teams each with either 2,4or 8 players.
    3.The idea of the game is the first team to get to the base.

  23. Food Circle (As many people as you like can play this game)

    1.Every one stand in a circle.

    2.Choose some one from the circle to be in the middle.

    3.The person in the middle shout’s out a letter.

    4.Every one else in the circle think’s of as many different food’s as they can.

    5.The person in the middle count’s 30 second’s.

    6.The person with the most number of food’s is the winner.


    1.Pick someone to be it.

    2.Order everybody in numbers.

    3.The person who’s it shuts there eyes.

    4everybody muddles up.

    5.Then the person whos it opens there eyes and trys to remember everybody.

    3 or more people can play.

  25. You kick a rugby ball round a made up football pitch with jumpers as tha goals.

    The rules are pretty simple

    1. no going of the pitch. hacking. corners.
    4.freekicks and penaltys aloude.

  26. 1The name or the game is pass the fruit
    2 in the game you are only alound six people
    3 each group has one ball
    4 you would all be in a circle but spread out
    5the person with the ball would dribble over to the next person
    6 when you are dribble over to the next person you must say your five favourite fruit
    7 the frist group to get the ball all round the circle

  27. Hide and Run

    what you need:
    4 or more people
    places to hide
    a good running space you play the game outside!

    1. choose one person out of the group to hide.

    2.while the hider hides the others choose who is first second and third.The first person counts to 20 then goes and ten seconds after the first person goes the next person goes and so on.

    3.when everybody has found the hider the last person who found them hased to count to 10 with there eyes closed and the others run of. when they have finished counting they try and tig someone
    the last person tug is the winner.

    1 basket ball people 5-50
    Are you healthy?
    Are you not?
    Can you keep the ball
    Bouncing on the spot?
    1. Make a circle with all the people playing and choose one person
    to go in the middle.
    2. The person in the middle should have the ball.
    3. The person in the middle spins around and then stops.
    4. Once the person in the middle has stopped spinning they are facing a person.
    5. The person that they are facing they have to throw the ball to.
    6. At the same time they do that they say ither healthy or unhealthy.
    7. After they say healthy/unhealthy they say a number between 5-1.
    E.G healthy 4
    8. The person in the circle now has the ball and they now have to bounce hte ball and say 4 things that are healthy.
    9. The person in the circle passes the ball back.

  29. Seconds away from healthy foods!

    What you need!

    1. lots of people as many as you want.
    2.A watch any kind of watch.


    1. First you choose a counter which is the person who will count 20 seconds and all the rest will be the people who think of all the food.

    2. Once you have chosen them you have to think of as many different healthy food as you can in 20 seconds.

    3.Then take it in turns to tell the counter in private so the others do not take ideas and the person who thinks of the most healthy food is the winner!!!!


    you need:
    4 cones or jumpers Can only play out doors.
    2 groups of up to 10 people
    a reff

    1. Pick a ref.

    2. Place the cones in a rectangle.

    3. The 2 groups stand behind the cones that are closest together.

    4. The ref then chooses a movement like running.

    5. The first person in the group does that movement to the other cones and back.

    6. Then the other person does it when they get back.

    7. When the whole group has done it they sit down, a point goes to the first group to sit down.

    8. The first group to 8 points win!!!

  31. the spot game

    1. you need a thing to be the spot
    2. 3 to 7 people


    1. every round you start running in a circle
    2.someone is in the middle with their eyes closed.
    3.after some time the person in the middle says stop
    4.everyone stops
    5.the person on the spot is out
    6.if no people are on the spot the closest person to the spot is out
    7. last person left is the winner.

  32. HEALTHY OUR UNHEALTH SPIN you will need
    1. ball
    2.Ages 6 and over
    3.5 – 32 players
    4. play out side on hard floor .

    1. Choose someone to stand In the middle .
    2.Spin round 5 times and the person that you are pointing bounce the ball to and say healthy our unhealthy and a number between 1-5.
    3. E.g If you said healthy and 4 the person that you have just bounced to will have to say 4 things that are healthy and so on but you are not allowed to say a word twice .

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