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Fun with Grey!!!

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We read Elmer. IT helps us learn our colours. We still weren’t sure about the colour grey so we did grey paintings. We are also learning a new song which is helping our counting called “One Elephant Went out To Play”

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Sunflower art work

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A HUGE THANK YOU to one of our mummies and local artist, Rachel (Bonzo Art – http://www.bonzo-art.com/) who has created this wonderful piece of artwork inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflowers. She helped the children to create each of the sunflowers a few months ago and has put it up today in our middle room. I’m sure you will agree it looks fantastic!!!?! These will be used as an end of term gift for pre-schoolers… watch this space!!!

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To help us learn our colours we have sang the rainbow song, read ‘Elmer’, looked at the colours Elmer has on his body, named and sorted objects by colour, etc.

Some of us used cotton buds to paint Elmer different colours, This is also great for our fine motor skills too!!!

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Christmas Nativity art

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Heidi’s mum very kindly popped in this morning to deliver an art session with the children. She had pre-prepared some pebbles with the outline of characters from the Nativity, then invited the children to come and have a go at painting them. Heidi’s mum let them practise on blocks first and told them about fat strokes and thin strokes, then they were let loose on the pebbles themselves. We think they’ve done a great job, and we’ll keep them for future story telling of the Nativity.

rm-2-december-2016-013-copy rm-2-december-2016-016-copyrm-2-december-2016-022-copyrm-2-december-2016-030rm-2-december-2016-032

Huge thanks to Heidi’s Mum. What do you think?

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Christmas Transient Art

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