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5 Shiny Eggs

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We loves songs… they are a great way of learning new vocabulary, rhythm, counting, number recognition and number order. Why not sing along at home!?!

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The Birds have started to build their nest…. we wait in anticipation for eggs!

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Untitled 210

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9 chicks

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Untitled 165
There are definitely 9 healthy chicks in the nest!

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Haven’t they grown!?!

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Tweet tweet

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Our Bluetit chicks are growing fast…Mr & Mrs Bluetit are doing a great job!!!

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tweet tweet

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Untitled 85

Untitled 93

Untitled 120

Untitled 122

Untitled 129

Untitled 134
Our Bluetit chicks are growing up fast!!!

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Tweet, tweet!

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All the eggs have hatched!!!!

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We saw Mr Bluetit feed Mrs Bluetit and them Mrs bluetit feeding the young chicks. There are still 2 eggs to hatch!
(sorry for the poor photos – hopefuly get better ones sonn!)

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Mrs Bluetit has laid another egg…that makes…>>>>> check our twitter

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