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Sporty Day (Room 3AM)

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Sports Day next week

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We are looking forward to our Sports Day with our P6 buddies next week.

Monday – Room 3
Tuesday – Room 1
Wednesday – Room 2

Please ensure your child is wearing trainers. The sports day will be weather permitting.

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Building bridges

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Inspired by the 3 Billy Goats Gruff we designed our own bridges for the animals and ourselves to get across. We had to work as a team!

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this week we have been….
* looking, touching fruit
* sorting fruits and vegetables
* cutting fruits and shapes in halves
* tasting fruits
* voting for our favourite – we have been using lots of different ways of recording, e.g. tallying, bargraph, ticks, etc. Pineapple was the class favourite!

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We baked cheese scones today!

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What shapes can you see?

We used the scales to get the correct amount of ingredients – they had to be balanced!

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Vegetables and Fruits

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We are learning about fruits and vegetables – to sort them, where they grow (underground, on a tree / bush or on top of the soil), how they are harvested and what we can use them for. We have eaten some for snack. We cut some in half and found some seeds. We will explore sharing things in half next week.

We are learning about how farm vehicles help the farmers harvest the vegetables. We will encourage the children to make 3D of the vehicles.

We read the story of the enormous turnip.

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Fruit / vegetable tasting

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We tasted the apples, blackberries, blackcurrants, carrots and peas that we harvested yesterday.
We marked on the table if we liked or disliked them.

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We will be enjoying tasting them for snack soon!




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Check out the new SPOTLIGHT board in the min hall for helpful hints. Currently on the board is top tips for helping develop your child’s independence, along with behaviour and toileting.

You can download a copy of the toileting leaflet and behaviour leaflet

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As you can see from our photos, our pea plants aren’t doing very well. The main challenge is keeping them being a food source from the snails and slugs. We’ve tried using eggshells and ground up shells from the beach to stop the snails and slugs from coming near our plants, but they still like munching on our poor plants. Even Room 1’s  wonderful plants that started off so well in the classroom have fallen foul to the munch monsters.

IMG_1425IMG_1426IMG_1427“The snails and slugs are eating our peas”

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