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Arrrrgh Me Hearties!!!!

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The class have been enjoying playing with the small world pirates and their ship.

Some of the children have been creating their own pirate ships with the inside brciks and new outside large bricks.

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Frogspawn has arrived…

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We can’t wait to see what happens!!!

some of us tried to draw the frogspawn and label it.

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Pancake Day

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WE made pancake today!

We found out why we celebrated Pancake Day and what ingredients we needed. Then we made pancakes and voted whether we liked them or not. Some of us chose to write pancake ingredients lists using the word cards.
Fifteen people liked them and 5 didn’t like them.

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3 Little Pigs

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After hearing about Rory’s granddads south pole experience the children will inspired to try to recreate the shelter he stayed in with the bricks outside. This led to some of us trying to build shelters and igloos with the lego and bricks. Some of us built houses.

So we have been reading the 3 little pigs. Reading traditional stories again and again is a great way for children to understand storytelling.

The afternoon children have also enjoyed this story. They watched the puppet show the parents had put on last year for the children – check out our youtube channel for that video.

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Posting our Christmas letters

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Day & Night …….Space

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Through our day and night theme the children have become interested in space. So we have been….
*making rockets and talking about shapes
*using a computer game to match shapes to the rocket
*counting down from 10
*we watched videos of a rocket launch, a man walking on the moon, the view from the space station
*creating stories about planets and astronauts whilst playing in the discovery tray
*and lots more!!!

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Last Thursday the children were pretending to be police officers so we decided to make the house corner into a police station. We read an information book to help us create a to do list. As the week went on the children thought a jail was needed!
The children have thoroughly enjoyed the police station. It has provided a great opportunity to encourage mark making and writing, as well as communication and cooperative skills. Some of the children made wanted posters for our missing small world creatures.
We took each other picture with the camera to create our ‘mug shots’ – if you get a chance have a look in class.

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Ideas to support learning at home (Autumn context)

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Maths & Book Lending Library

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Don’t forget to have a look at our Maths & Book Lending Library in the main hall. Lots of nice books to read and games to support maths skills.


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This week we read another traditional story – 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We will help the children to retell this story using the puppets. Re-reading and encouraging retelling stories helps the children’s understand of stories and improves their language skills.

If you would like to watch this story at home click here

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