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ASN Parent Support Group

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Law Primary and North Berwick Nursery ASN Support Group has been set up by parents, for parents/guardians of children at the schools with any additional support needs. Our aim is to create a positive, supportive and confidential forum to chat, share information, ask each other’s advice, arrange get-togethers and work in partnership with the school to ensure we are getting it right for every child.

We use a confidential Facebook group to communicate with each other, and email for those not on Facebook. If you’re interested in joining, please email Carrie or Laura at: law.asngroup@gmail.com.

Next meeting will be on Wednesday 22nd February, venue to be confirmed

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You may recall that in December last year we had a meeting at nursery to explore the possibility of offering a trial of the 1140 hours in conjunction with an outdoor nursery at North Berwick Nursery School.  Representatives of the Early Years team from the Education Department of East Lothian Council were present, together with staff from the nursery and a group of interested parents. 
Subsequent to this meeting the East Lothian staff met with a representative of the Care Inspectorate to discuss a number of issues pertaining to the proposed trial.  The council has decided that given the complexities involved in using and registering public spaces, and that there would be no gain in the number of places available within the nursery, we will not be taking forward the idea of an outdoor nursery at North Berwick as a trial for 2017-18.
I know that this news will be disappointing for many families who had hoped to be involved and it is also disappointing for staff, all of whom had been willing to try a new model and had been really creative in their thinking.  We remain committed to outdoor learning and will continue to develop the opportunities available for our children, both within the nursery grounds and out in our local community.
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1140 hours

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Last night we had a meeting to discuss the new hours that the Scottish Government has committed to provide for 3 and 4 year olds, (as well as eligible 2 year olds) from 2020.

“Currently, free provision of early learning and child care is offered to all 3 and 4 year olds, as well as eligible 2 year olds. From August 2014, free provision increased to

600 hours per year, equivalent to around 16 hours per week if delivered during school term time. However, we are committed to increasing the early learning and childcare entitlement to 1140 hours per year by 2020. This will continue to cover all and 4 year old children, and eligible 2 year olds. High quality will be at the heart of

ELC provision, as will providing the flexibility parents need to work, train or study.

In preparation for the expansion to 1140 hours of ELC, we will establish a programme of trials testing a variety of delivery models. The aim of these trials will be to test how best to deliver ELC to all eligible children across a spectrum of differing requirements. The intention will be to develop case studies of what works, where and why, and to assist in the dissemination of best practice across local authorities and providers. In doing so, we will ensure that the expansion to 1140 hours of free provision delivers the benefits to children and families in Scotland that will be vital in achieving our ambitions.”

(Early Learning and Childcare 1140 hours Expansion- Programme of Trials – Scottish Government Discussion Paper: January 2016)

Our meeting was to engage our community in a discussion about what might work for them, and think of models that will meet the 1140 hour ambition.  Click below to look at the powerpoint we used to explore our idea.


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Harvest Foodbank Collection

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AS part of the children learning to develop their citizenship we are asking kindly for some donations towards our East Lothian Foodbank Collection.

They urgently need…
East lothian Food Collection

Please bring in by Friday 7th October – THANK YOU!!!!

If you would like to know more information about the organisation and how you can help check out their website

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Nursery Info Evening

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On the 9th of June we had a Nursery information evening.  Mrs Wareham opened the evening by talking about a recent article published by an American Occupational Therapist (OT) named Victoria Prooday.  Here is a link to the article.


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Children return on Wednesday 19th August – We look forward to seeing you all!!!

Please note the new drop off and pick-up times.
DROP-OFF: 8.31am-8.45am
PICK-UP: 12.10pm-12.30pm
DROP-OFF: 8.31am-8.45am
PICK-UP: 12.10pm-12.24pm

DROP-OFF: 1.15pm-1.30pm
PICK-UP: 4.00pm-4.15pm
DROP-OFF: 8.30am-8.45am
PICK-UP: 12.00pm-12.20pm

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Class Photos Orders

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Class photos have arrived and displayed by classroom doors. Orders in by MONDAY 8th JUNE PLEASE 🙂

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We are looking for unwanted digital cameras for the nursery.  Our staff and pupils will  be able to make full use of them to record our learning.  If you have an old one lying about please donate to the nursery.  If you still have the battery charger and/or download leads that would be good too.

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On Line Payments

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You can pay nursery snack money on line:

How To Do It?

  1. Log on to East Lothian Council’s homepage at www.eastlothian.gov.uk and click on the PAY FOR IT button
  2. Select Primary School Payments from the list
  3. Select Law Primary School from the drop down list
  4. Fill in the details as requested and follow the instructions online – It is very important that you include the additional information to let us know what your payment is in respect of (transactions must be made before 8.00am to meet any deadlines for payments)
  5. Confirmation – when your payment has been completed you will be issued with a reference number. This is your record of payment however you can also request an email confirmation

Paying for more than one child/different items

If you are paying for a visit or milk for several children you can do this in one payment if you name the children individually in the ‘Additional Information’ box.

Please keep payments for different items separate to allow us to record the payments appropriately.


If you choose to pay online using a debit card there will be no charge. The charge for using a credit card is 1.9%. This would mean that a payment for an item costing £10 would cost you an additional 19p if you used a credit card but nothing if you were using a debit card.

We hope that this facility will be helpful to you however we do ask that great care is taken when completing the relevant sections to ensure we can reconcile your payments in school. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us

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New Pick Up & Drop Off Times

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Please note the new drop off and pick-up times.

DROP-OFF: 8.30am-8.45am
PICK-RP: 11.45am-12.00pm

DROP-OFF: 12.45pm-1.00pm
PICK-UP: 3.30pm or 4.00pm-4.15pm

MOSTLY alternate FRIDAYS – morning class / afternoon class
see rota >>>> Friday Class Rota

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