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Sunflower art work

A HUGE THANK YOU to one of our mummies and local artist, Rachel (Bonzo Art – who has created this wonderful piece of artwork inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflowers. She helped the children to create each of the sunflowers a few months ago and has put it up today in our middle room. I’m sure you will agree it looks fantastic!!!?! These will be used as an end of term gift for pre-schoolers… watch this space!!!


Isobel had been taking cars of caterpillars. She brought in butterflies which had just hatched from their cocoons.

Jack asked the question “How do butterflies smell?” so we asked Google. It was interesting – they smell through their feet and antennae.

We released the butterflies in our garden. We put out burst satsumas to encourage the butterflies to stay in our garden because they like the sweet juice.