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5 Twinkling Stars song

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Song sheets for the song are now outside each classroom.
Or download here 6 Twinkling Stars & 5 Little men songs for PARENTS

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* We have been getting to know our new teachers and friends.
* Exploring all the areas of the nursery
* Getting used to the nursery rules and routines
* Developing our independence in toileting and getting ready to go outside
* Naming and sorting colours

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A few children enjoyed filling containers at the gluing area to make shakers. We added different materials for the children to explore and choose to make their own shakers. We talked about the different sounds that the materials made. Ww used the shakers to explore being quiet, loud, slow, fast, etc and to try to keep the beat. A few of us got a chance to the ‘conduct’ the class as they played their shakers. In the days that followed children tried to do this themselves.

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Pancake Day

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We made pancakes! We found out we needed eggs, milk and flour. Mrs Moffat taught us a song to help us remember.

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under: Room 3 (afternoon group)

Shape Dino Game

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We are enjoying playing the new shape dino game. We are practising naming and matching shapes, as well as turn taking and increasing our concentration to play the game.

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