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A mini-tractor with a snow plough on the front clears snow from a pavement.

Path clearing in Tranent

All East Lothian Council schools, nurseries & specialist education provision will remain CLOSED to pupils on Friday, 2 March, due to adverse weather.

See this news story on the East Lothian Council web site for more disruption info.

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Christmas post

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Yesterday, Room 2 took a wee trip down to the post box to post a ‘surprise’ to our parents and carers. On the way we spotted numbers on gates and counted how many Christmas trees we could see. We posted our letters then the postman arrived just as we were leaving. He opened the post box and we could see inside. He scanned the bar code which said he’d emptied the box and put the bag into the van.



“I’m carrying the bag with the letters” (Sam)


“I am posting my letter” (Sam)


“I’m posting my letter in the post box” (William)



“It’s the post van” (Riley)


“I was holding his thing – it told him how many letters to collect” (Jake F-P)

“I’m helping the postman taking the post letters out. He had a key” (Sholto)


“He had a scanner” (Sholto)


“This is the post van”


This is Room 2.


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We had a visit from a doctor

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We had a mummy who is a doctor come to visit us today because we have been interested in learning more about how our bodies work. We thought of lots of questions to ask her. We learned lots of new things. We also got to see what is in her doctors bag! Thank you for coming to see us!

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New skills

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DSCF5225We have enjoyed learning some new skills on the climbing frame outside.

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Eco activities

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DSCF5215We noticed that our recycling tubs and boxes were full up again! We decided to sort and bag up all the bottle tops – there were hundreds! We weighed the stamps and got an envelope to send them to the hearing dogs for deaf people charity. We also counted and bagged up the mobile phones and ink cartridges. We all took one thing each to post off on our way home. We had fun learning about how recycling all the different things can help people and the environment.

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Outside in the garden

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We have been finding lots of interesting things in the garden. We have enjoyed looking closely at the ladybirds.

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painting in the sunshine

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We made the most of the sunshine last week and did some painting outside!

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A walk to the shop

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Our afternoon pre-schoolers took a walk to the shop today. We were going to Turnbulls to buy some seeds for us to plant after the holidays. We wrote our shopping list before we went so we wouldn’t forget anything.

We walked through the lodge and had a look for signs of Spring too!

We made sure to cross the roads safely using the traffic lights. When we got to the shop we had to look at all the packets to see which ones we needed. Then we paid the lady and ordered some compost to be delivered too!

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