Online Games

Below are a list of some online games that we like and might play during the year at nursery.

(They support ICT skills, coordination skills and various curricular areas)

Elmo Rhymes

Rhyme – Washing Line

Initial Sound

Loops (IWB/iPad)

Make A Word

Matching Socks

Matching Memory Game (Colours, Shapes, Letters, Numbers)

Bears Going Out (matching sizes)

3 Bears Picnic (Size Match)

Build a Snowman (Size & Shape)

Kaleidoscope (Size & Shape)

Ploygon Playground (Shape)

Find the Shapes

Shape Shoot

Missing Shapes

Tulli World – Shape Menu

Symmetrical Egg

Symmetrical Halves

Bead Patterns

Ladybird Spots (matching, counting, ordering)

How Many Chicks?

How many?(Down on the Farm)

Ladybird Count & Number Recognition

Bubble Count

Blast off! (Count Down & Number Recognition)

Give Teddy a Cake (Number recognition & Counting Out)

Counting Games Menu

Minibeasts Count & Order

Caterpillar Number Order

Post the Letter (Number Matching & Ordering)

Nutty Number After

Picking Apples (Missing Numbers)

10 or 5 frame

Number Frame Flash Game

Number Frames to 5

Number Frames to 10

Adding 2 Dice

Maths & Learning Games

Count Us In Games

Travelling To School Survey (Data Handling)

Map Grid -Compass-Points-and-Simple-Grid-References

Me Maker

Build a Skeleton

Microscope Viewer

Guess the Night Time Animals

Rook’s Binocular Bird Watch

Story of the Soup Can (Recycling)

What Do They Wear? Firefighter & Nurse

Dress Lecky

MOUSE CONTROL (cross-curricular)
Animals On The Farm

Colour It in (Shapes)

Cute Pumpkin Head

Colour Bird

Ziggity Zoom Games

Curious George’s Games

Make your own firework display

Fruit & Veg Sort

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