The Children’s Day

The curriculum covered is that detailed in the “Curriculum for Excellence” which states that our children should be:-

  1. successful learners
  2. effective contributors
  3. confident individuals
  4. responsible citizens

For more information on the curriculum, click on the link > Curriculum For Excellence For Parents booklet

In order to develop socially, emotionally and intellectually, children need plenty of free, unstructured play. The Nursery play areas, including our extensive outdoor area, are carefully structured to allow the children to select freely from a choice of activities, which provide opportunities for extending and enriching their individual experiences.

How play makes sense of learning:

  • It helps children to think through ideas and apply them in all sorts of ways, safely in the world of play.
  • It allows children to explore, manage, deal with and control their feelings.
  • It encourages children to develop relationships with their inner selves, others and their universe.
  • It is a biologically possibility, but it is ‘triggered’ by people.
  • It creates an attitude of mind which brings involvement in learning, fosters the desire to learnd and to be an adventurous learner.

The staff use observational skills and professional knowledge to assess each child’s stage of development and how they may be helped to learn.

If you would like to see how each area of the Nursery provides each area of the curriculum, please click on the link to the full Nursery booklet.