Car Park Safety


The Community Centre car park is a very dangerous place for unsupervised children.

We have a number of measures in place to ensure that your children are unable to leave the grounds. These are as follows:-

1. The gate has a child proof catch

2. A member of staff is on the gate when children are being collected

3. The children do not play in the area of the playground beyond the yellow line.

We also need your help in a number of ways:-

1. Please shut the gate and lower door on arrival

2. Please ensure that, when leaving the Nursery, children are holding your hand or the pushchair when going through the gate and in the car park.

3. Please remember that once you and your family have arrived to collect your child, you are responsible for the safety of all your children.

4. Please do not remain chatting in the area at the gate side of the yellow line, as it makes supervising the gate more difficult

5. Younger brothers and sisters should not be left to play unattended.

Safety is of prime importance to us so please let’s work together to avoid accidents occuring.