Session Times


Morning Session Drop Off Pick Up
Monday-Wednesday 8.31am-12.30pm 8.31-8.45am 12.10 – 12.30pm
Thursday 8.31-12.24pm 8.31-8.45am 12.10 – 12.24pm


Afternoon Session Drop Off Pick Up
Monday-Thursday 1.15 – 4.15pm 1.15 – 1.30pm 4.00 -4.15pm
Fridays 8.30-12.20pm 8.30-8.45am 12 – 12.20pm


If you arrive early, we would ask you to play together in the garden. It is also a good opportunity to select books, CDs or games from our lending library in the cabin. Please never leave your child until staff are present.


Please remember to sign your child in at the beginning of the session and sign them out at the end of the session. Any artwork they have produced should be collected as it is not always available the following day. These can be an important source of discussion with your child.