Nursery Protocol

If your child is to be absent from Nursery, for whatever reason, please either speak to your child’s key worker beforehand or, in the case of illness, telephone the office, on the first day of absence, on 01620 893 775.  If children are to benefit fully from Nursery, they should attend regularly.  

If your child is not well, please DO NOT bring them to Nursery, despite the fact that they may want to come.    It is not fair to spread infection to other children and members of staff.   In the case of sickness and diarrohea, it is recommended that children should not return to the Nursery until 48 hours has passed since their last bout of sickness/diarrohea.


  • Inform Nursery staff if someone different is collecting your child
  • Do not bring own toys to the Nursery
  • Put sun cream on children before coming to Nursery in warmer weather
  • Name all items of clothing
  • Inform us immediately of any changes of address, telephone numbers or carer, particularly emergency contact numbers
  • Let us know if anything is upsetting or worrying your child

Everyone is asked to contribute to Nursery Funds.  This is used to buy seeds, compost, baking and snack ingredients and other expendable items used to deliver the curriculum.  You can do this online by clicking here.  Please pay promptly – if there are any problems, let us know. Reminder letters will be sent out near the end of term if you have not paid.