Your Children’s Safety and Security

In the interests of safety, the following systems are important:

  • When collecting children please ensure that the door is shut behind you.  A buzzer has been fitted which sounds if the door is not properly closed.
  • If the bottom blue door is locked please make your way to the office, at the top of the ramp. The door that connects the porch to the Nursery classrooms is ONLY to be used in the case of late arrivals or early collection.
  • Attendance sheets are displayed on the notice boards in the cloakrooms.  Please initial the sheet on arrival and when the children are collected. These are essential – were there to be an emergency at drop off or pick up, they provide our record of those present.
  • Children must be collected by a responsible adult.  If this is someone other than yourself, please let us know.
  • When children are outside, please take care at the gate.
  • Take care in the car park.  Follow the one-way system when parking.  This is a high-risk area for children. Please also check the subpage named “Car Park Safety”.